Small size and high energy. TS120 is a new generation of metal 3D printing equipment from Techgine. It can be used in dentistry, jewelry and education and has a compact and flexible design. This product exceeds the requirements of conventional equipment in the market for the installation space, and can even be installed and used in office spaces. The user-friendly control console simplifies the operation.


The product is the first equipment model of Techgine. Stable and reliable, TS300A can achieve the work piece forming with the complex and precise structure on a large scale. The software under the independent development possesses the mature database of all materials, and can realize the secondary process development. The equipment enjoys many national patents, eg: the bidirectional recoating technology; air flow system,etc.


The technical team of Techgine has made a breakthrough in the idea of existing single beam selective laser melting, and propose four beams scanning in the world, which is a new method of additive manufacturing. It is able to achieve large size, high deposition efficiency and high precision while guaranteeing the quality of parts forming.TS500 is one of the large-size selective laser melting equipment in China. The design of bidirectional powder laying and switching of air flow system has been awarded with multiple national patents.