Automobile making

The world’s first 3D printing automobile Urbee 2 hit the market in 2013. It is a hybrid electric vehicle with more than 50% of its parts made from 3D printing during 2500 hours.

he 3D printing has been applied in the auto industry for more than 10 years. Currently, it is mainly applied in five aspects:

1. Design;

2. Direct production of parts with complex structures;

3. Production of  automobile parts with light weight structures;

4. Customizing special work pieces and detecting appliance;

5. Production of full vehicle model.

The main purpose of 3D printing technology is to directly produce the parts of any shape using the graphics from computer, without the development and die sinking link for the metal parts with the complex structures. That shortens the development period of new products, and greatly saves manpower, financial resources and time. The advantages are obvious: low manufacturing cost, short development period and high production efficiency.

Techgine is able to print: knuckle, mould, parts and components of engine, etc.