The moulding industry is the industry with the largest span because it relates to every manufacturing industry. Today, manufacturing and moulding are highly dependent, and the components of numerous products are manufactured with the moulding or casting mould.

Currently, the 3D printing is widely applied in the model making, hand plate making and mould making, and is specifically applied in the following processes: forming, casting mould, machining, assembly and inspection, and robot end effector.Manufacturing mould with 3D printing has the following advantages: 

1) Reduce the production cycle of mould and promote innovation;

2) Reduce the manufacturing cost, achieve design iteration and optimize the products;

3) The improvement of mould design increases more functions for the end products to achieve the faster manufacturing of end products and fewer product defects;

4) The optimizer is more ergonomic, improves the minimum performance, and reduces the rejection rate of parts;

5) The tailored mould helps to offer customization of final products.

Printable parts of Techgine: injection mould, tyre mould, metal mould and robot joint.