Medical treatment

3D printing technology is very important to medical science and has great development potential, because it might solve problems unsolvable by traditional medicine, and it might improve the traditional medical treatment, serving patients faster and better.

Currently, the 3D printing is applied in the medical industry as follows: 

1). Printing of model for the medical teaching and case discussion;

2) Printing of medical equipment, such as prosthetics;

3) Printing tissues, such as the jawbone, organ stents and cranial bones;

4) Printing artificial tissues and organs.

The application of 3D printing in the biomedicine is at the initial stage, but many amazing achievements have been made in just several years. Besides non-living products such as artificial limb, false tooth, skeleton stent, etc., scientists have started to study how to print living human cells, tissues and organs to fill the gap of organ transplantation on a large scale in the future.

Techgine is able to print: implantation material, false tooth and medical instruments.