Art design

3D printing is widely applied in the culture and creativity industry, including the personalized customization and manufacturing, production and manufacturing of modern artwork like the jewelry, and remakes of ancient art, such as the derived works of high-end artwork.

In the field of art design, the 3D printing technology has the following advantages:

1. Establishment of three-dimensional digital archive. The 3D printing technology can be used to establish an accurate and complete digital archive for unique artworks  , and is able to make copies of the original item anytime, anywhere

2. 3D printing technology has replaced the traditional manual moulding manufacturing process, significantly improving precision and manufacturing efficiency. It enables small-scale production and helps to promote cultural exchange.

3. 3D printing technology has brought great opportunities of crossover collaboration and creation and more creative space for artists in particular. Its impact on the replication and repair of cultural relics, high-end artworks and the development of derived work has been pronounced, which represents a milestone for the culture and creativity industry.

Techgine is able to: repair of various artworks and cultural relics.