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  • Job of recruitment:Design engineer

    Number of recruitment:4人


    1.Mechanical design or mechatronics major, bachelor degree or above

    (Design experience of more than 5 years for applicants with a junior college’s degree);

    2. Machine tool design or relevant work experience of more than 3 years;

    3. Proficient in the three dimensional UG. Pro\E. Solid works (one or more), familiar with bidimensional CAD and other mapping softwares;

    4. Familiar with mechanical principles, pneumatic principles, electrical principles and machining processes;

    5. CET 6 or above;

    6. Able to study and complete the design development or relevant design independently;

    7. Strong operational ability, proactive character and high team spirit;

    8. Excellent creative design ability and three-dimensional sense;

    9. Experience in 3d printing design is preferred

  • Job of recruitment:Software engineer

    Number of recruitment:1人


    1. Computer science major or related, bachelor degree or above;

    2. Software development experience of more than 2 years;

    3.Familiar with C++ for the programming on the Visual Studio based platform;

    4. A good understanding of three-dimensional computer graphics and database;

    5. Familiar with automation control of laser and galvanometer and other upper computer software programming;

    6. Experience in the laser processing control software is preferred.

  • Job of recruitment:3D printing engineer

    Number of recruitment:2人


    1. Junior college or above; majors related to material forming are preferred;

    2. Under the age of 35;

    3. Strong operational ability and hard-working;

    4.Experienced in the production and assembly of products, and familiar with the work flow and process requirements;

    5. The person familiar with the fundamentals of production management and inspection is preferred.

  • Job of recruitment:Fitter

    Number of recruitment:4人


    1. A team player and fast learner, who is healthy, safety-conscious, responsible, driven, and hard-working

    2. Under the age of 35;

    3. Secondary technical school or above, graduate of machinery;

    4. Relevant fitter qualification certificate;

    5. Experience of more than 5 years in the machine tool installation and commissioning

    (experience in the installation and commissioning of special machine or numerical control machine tool is preferred);

    6. A good understanding of parts drawings and assembly drawings, and being able to install independently;

    7. Strong work ethics and good living habits;

    8. A grasp of the fundamentals of computer and electric engineering;

    9. Experience in the ordinary pavement (ground man) is preferred.


The workplaces of the positions listed above are in Shanghai. The compensation and welfare are negotiable.If you are interested, please send your CV to